Wall Mounted Phone Case

  • $29.99

Enjoy your favorite movie, TV shows, podcasts, and more while relaxing in the bathtub or shower or jacuzzi without holding your phone! The phone case allows you to watch a show while cooking or even learn a recipe! There is no need to worry about water damaging your phone since the wall mounted phone case can make any phone water-proof!

FITS MOST PHONES SIZES: Universal size fits all mobile phones under 6.8 inches.


  • 100% WATERPROOF PROTECTION: Doesn't matter if it's a splash, a spill, or total immersion, the Waterproof Box has you covered with trusted seal protection. Have this perk without even affecting the sound quality!
  • ANTI-FOG HIGH PERSPECTIVE WINDOW: Even if the fog is generated during the bath, it will not affect the clarity of the phone screen.
  • SENSITIVE TOUCH SCREEN: 0.25mm flexible touch screen, you can freely touch from the inside of the shower or bath, adjust volume, change songs, play games, scroll through the news.
  • NO-TRACE HANGING: Easy to stick, strong and stable, can be stuck anywhere with no trace.
  • UNLIMITED USAGE SCENARIOS: Enjoy audio and video entertainment at all times. Bathroom, toilet, kitchen... let your phone never been apart from you.

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