Touchless Door Opener

  • $12.99

Keep yourself and your family safe with this amazing Touchless Door Opener! Stop the spread of viruses and bacteria into your home. Using this contactless tool you will keep these germs far away from you. Our New Touchless Door Opener key is perfect for you! Your family and your life will be safer! 

touchless door opener
  • No-touch tool: Touchless Door Opener tool can help you open the door safely, press the button of the elevator, pull drawers handles, touch the screen without worrying about direct contact. It reduces direct contact with people and objects effectively.
  • Easy to carry: It can be easily placed in your purse, your pocket, your wallet.
  • Excellent Material: This door opener is made of steel, can withstand great pressure and weight, smooth surface, without leaving any scratches.
  • Multi-function: Suitable for necessary artifacts, door handles, touch keys, buttons, handles, gifts, move chairs, flush toilets, and carry grocery bags.
  • Environment friendly: This tool is not disposable. It was developed to be used repeatedly for a long period of time.
  • Easy to clean: Clean it with soap and water, or any disinfecting agent 
contactless keychain

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