Snuffle Bowl Mat

  • $30.99

Are your pets very fond of biting furniture and making you feel tired? Give your dog's nose a treat with this fabric work-to-eat toy, the Snuffle Bowl Mat!

The Snuffle Bowl Mat stimulates pets foraging instinct and satisfies your pet’s sense. It puts your dog’s nose and brain to work by mimicking the hunt for food in nature and promotes slow feeding.


The Snuffle Bowl Mat works by hiding dry food or treats in the blades of the felt grass to keep your fury little animal occupied and entertained at mealtime. You can use it as a round bowl or it can be spread flat to turn into a circular mat. 


  • Interactive Mind Game - It can be used as an interactive puzzle toy that exercises their sense of smell. Simply hide food and let your pet find it. 
  • Healthy Slow Feeding - Make certain that your dog eats in slower, and healthier fashion. Slower eating facilitates better digestion and better overall health.
  • Keep Pets Active and Happy - Keep your furry friend occupied, happy and away from boredom by letting them play and find their favorite treat.
  • Durable and Pet Safe Material - Made of super soft polar fleece, non-toxic and safe. Suitable for any breed of cats and dogs.
  • Easy to Clean - Made of specially-treated material, the main fabric is felt cloth, environmentally friendly, and machine washable!
  • Non-Slip Design - The bottom is a non-slip cloth that effectively holds the mat and prevents the dog from moving the mat.


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