Portable Ultrasonic Washer

  • $37.99

Feast your eyes on the Portable Ultrasonic Washer that can be tossed into any tub of water while it quickly and efficiently cleans your dishes or clothes!

portable ultrasonic washer














Use Anytime, Anywhere, Works like Magic!

The Ultrasonic Washer has a minimalistic design that doesn't require a lot of space. A convenient and small dishwashing machine for cleaning the dishes after dinner or cooking. Easily sits on countertops or tabletop requiring minimal space.

ultrasonic washer


Stain Removing, Degreasing, Emulsification, Peeling

It has a Four-stage cleaning cycle, high-frequency vibration cavitation, and high-pressure waves accelerate the dispersion of liquids and stains to achieve cleanliness.

The product has a 30-minute quick wash mode, so you can wash clothes frequently without stress. It also adopts ultrasonic technology, which can deeply clean clothes and easily kill bacteria in water.


USB Power Supply-

The Ultrasonic Washer can be recharged via USB and can be connected to your mobile device.

Water Conservation- 

This eco-friendly device will save you gallons of water by reducing the need for constant flowing water. Simply fill up a tub, place the washer, and let it go to work.


Product Details-
- Power supply method: USB
- Rated voltage: DC 10V
- Rated power: 6W
- Washing Capacity (kg): <2kg

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