Portable Projector Screen

  • $42.99

Set up your own cinema outdoor or indoor with the Portable Projector Screen!

Screen time without a screen – bigger, better, and safer! The easy-to-use Portable Projector Screen can be taken anywhere so you can watch your favorite TV show wherever you want. You can also use it on occasions like anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays. Use it inside over your fireplace or as an outdoor projector screen under the stars and moon, the choice is yours!

The Portable Projector Screen is ideal for presentation on the go! It is available in different size variations to suit your needs. It is lightweight and very easy to carry.


  • Polyester material
  • HD 16:9 screen format
  • Four-sided black borders
  • Compatible with majority of LED, LCD or DLP projectors

This product includes one portable projector screen, 8 double-sided adhesives, and 8 sticking hooks.

projector screen

outdoor projector screen



This convenient Portable Projector Screen is perfect for any occasion. It is ideal for home cinema, meetings, conference room presentations, public displays, classroom presentations, and many more. Also you can use it as a canvas for your living room, a blanket for a picnic, or even as a curtain!

Enhance Picture Contrast

The black borders help frame your movies and keep ambient light from ruining the video. They help improve the picture contrast so you can enjoy your favorite show.

Foldable and Hangable

The Portable Projector Screen can be folded as small as you can making it very easy to carry. It can easily be hung on the wall above your counter or strung between a couple trees in your yard, its that simple!

projector screen

portable projector screen

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