Portable Car Heater

  • $34.99

No more struggling to get the snow off your windshield or worry about poor vision while driving! The Portable Car Heater instantly provides you with warm air that helps you stay comfortable even during the coldest weather. Its compact size perfectly fits on any dashboard and provides a constant flow of hot air directed at the windshield. 

portable car heater

The portable car heater helps to reduce condensation or frost on your car’s windshield, thus making it safer while driving during rainy, foggy, or snowy days



  • 2 in 1 Heater and Cooler

  • Instant Defroster- Helps clear any snow or frost settled on your windshield

  • 12V 150 Watts Heater

  • Portable and Lightweight- Plug it directly into your car's cigarette lighter

  • Convenient- No more manually scraping your windshield

car heater

How To Use: 

  1. Simply plug the Portable Car Heater into your car’s 12v DC outlet or cigarette lighter socket.
  2. Choose between the Fan/Heater options to power it on.
  3. Adjust the heater’s angle in your preferred direction to enjoy the hot air.
12 volts heater


Just plug in and enjoy the drive!

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