Police Car Piggy Bank

  • $39.99

Keep your money safe with the Police Car Piggy Bank! This money safe is perfect for kids while encouraging them to develop habits such as saving their money through play!

The Police car piggy bank is a money safe in the form of an armored police car, in which all coins and bills will be securely protected with a password.

police car piggy bank
money safe


  • Exceptional design and attractive look
  • Easy to use keypad to enter a PIN code lock
  • Fingerprint recognition
  • Flashing car lights
  • Slot for coins
  • Slot for banknotes featuring automatic scroll function
  • and a large pantry.
  • Door opens automatically when password is entered correctly
  • Beep and lights warn if password is incorrect
  • Great educational toy 

How to change the PIN code:

  • Enter the default password 0000 to open the back door
  • Press and hold the "*" key
  • When red and blue lights start flashing, enter a new password by pressing the "#" key
  • The red and blue lights will stop flashing
  • If you forget the password, remove the batteries, and reset the password.



  • Size: about 28x13x13cm
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)

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