Polarized Sunglasses

  • $24.99

Look quirky and trendy with these fashionable wooden Polarized Sunglasses!

Style, fit, and environment – there are just too many reasons to wear these polarized sunglasses. Whatever reason you have these wooden sunglasses are absolutely a great choice for men and women looking to have a unique fashion statement!

These Polarized Sunglasses are made with natural wood tones that can blend with any outfit. You can wear them with your casual outfit or use them to improve your cool outfit for summer.


  • UV protection
  • Polarized lens
  • Wooden Frame

This product includes one piece of wooden polarized sunglasses and a wooden case. The sunglasses are available in black, brown, orange, and green colored lenses.

polarized sunglasses




These lovely wooden sunglasses are very durable. They are one of the biggest selling points of all-natural wood sunglasses. They are as tough as the trees around you. Made from the finest quality of handpicked woods, these polarized sunglasses can definitely last a lifetime.


It’s time to let go of your plastic sunglasses and help save the earth. These products are very sustainable and eco-friendly. Wearing any of these sunglasses can represent your passion for the environment.


Wooden items are currently on fleek! Join the trend and style your way with these hipster wooden sunglasses.

polarized sunglasses

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