Pill Box Water Bottle

  • $20.99

Never forget your vitamins or medicine with this nifty medicine Pill Box Water Bottle!

Your medicine slides right on, making you take your most important essentials with you every where including home, fitness, or office! The cap turns into a nifty drinking cup and it holds up to 20 oz. of water!

Pill box


This pill box  is conveniently attached to the water bottle and is a multi-compartment compliance aid for storing medications. The 7-day pill organizer makes it easy to stay organized and worry free throughout your daily routine  such as while being at work or during exercise by helping keep your medications secure with a water bottle!

pill organizer water bottle
pill organizer


The Pill box water bottle is available in various colors such as pink, blue, black, red, and yellow. It has a total of 7 compartments allowing you to divide your medications for 7 days. 

water bottle


About the Pill Box Water Bottle

Portable, Leak-Proof, Assortment of Colors

The Pill box water bottle is very easy and light to carry. You can put it inside your gym bag or place it in a cup holder inside your vehicle with ease. Made from eco-friendly material, the pill box water bottle is perfect for the outdoors as well as in the office or at home!

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