Mobile Phone Screen HD Magnifier

  • $27.99

Amplify your smart phone display screen with the Phone Screen HD Magnifier!

This convenient mobile phone screen magnifier is a handy gadget that magnifies the display screen on your smartphone using High Definition, making it easier to watch videos, movies or news while on your phone. It's the perfect tool to relieve the discomfort and visual fatigue caused by focusing too long on such a small screen.    

Magnifier Features

  • Lightweight and portable

  • 12 inch curved HD screen
  • Unique curvature screen design fully replicates the curvature of the human eye
  • Easy-to-use 

  • Very convenient

  • Compatible with all smartphones


  • Universal phone screen magnifier up to 3 times 

  • Material: ABS Plastic

  • Foldable Structure 

Package Includes

  • 1 x Mobile Screen Amplifier 

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