Non-Slip Massage Silicone Pad

  • $29.99

The all-new Non-slip Massage Silicone Pad is a foot massage that helps to improve foot and leg blood circulation for a happier and healthier you!

Eco-Friendly + Powerful Suction and Foot Care Cleaning Massager

  • Lazy Bath Massage Pad features more than a thousand massage bristles for the ultimate invigorating brush action. 
  • It removes dead skin, thoroughly cleans soapy feet, including the often neglected areas between the toes; the back features a strong suction cup to prevent slippage.
  • This foot washer not only cleans your feet but improves blood circulation, giving you the added energy boost you need to start your day right.
massage non-slip mat

Healthy Clean & Promotes Foot Circulation

  • Stimulates blood circulation and blood flow to the feet and produces a feeling of all-over well-being and health. Softens, rejuvenates and prevents dry, callused feet and other foot ailments like Athlete's Foot. 
suction bathroom mat

Durable and Easy to Use

  • Non-Slip Massage Silicone Pad is made of the highest quality materials and will last for years. 
  • This feet brush is very easy to use, especially recommended for people with hip and back problems, there’s no need to bend over; it's excellent for use in the shower or bathtub
foot massager pad



  • Flexible soft elastic
  • Size: 55cm
  • Not easy to deform
  • Multiple drainage holes
  • Generous amount of cleaning bristles, long and soft enough to comfortably clean your feet.
  • Suitable for family use. Easy to clean, convenient storage.

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