Mini Pocket Umbrella

  • $28.99

Never be caught without an umbrella again as the ultra lightweight and compact Mini Pocket Umbrella is here to the rescue! Carry it wherever you go! Never again have to deal with a bulky and large umbrella again! This great mini pocket umbrella will make your life easier!

Umbrellas can be unreliable and especially in the midst of a downpour! Since most of us want to travel light, you want to make sure to carry protective gear that won't add much weight. You need an umbrella that is compact like the mini pocket umbrella!

mini pocket umbrella

This mini compact sun and rain travel umbrella which is a lightweight portable umbrella has 95% UV protection and is perfect for sunny or rainy days outdoors. Enjoy this umbrella 365 days a year, in rain or shine! Thanks to its effective rain-repelling fabric, raindrops slide off the umbrella rapidly without leaking through.

pocket umbrella


  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT: Elaborate craftsmanship makes this umbrella weigh only about 6-7 oz. Mini design allows this umbrella to fit perfectly in your bag. Light and small, this umbrella is perfectly portable for anyone!
  • ULTRA PROTECTIVE: The canopy cloth with a layer of UV and water blocking coating, this umbrella is able to block 95% UV ray and protects you well from the heating sun and any expected downpours. Keep you cool in the sun and safe in the rain.
  • CONVENIENT & AN IDEAL GIFT: Mini size and ultra light, this umbrella is quite convenient carry anytime anywhere. Stylish look plus various bright colors for you to choose make this umbrella as a perfectly ideal gift for your family, friends and colleagues!
  • STURDY & SMOOTH DESIGN: Easy to open and close without much strength needed.
  • WIND RESISTANT & WATERPROOF: It wont easily to flip inside out like most other umbrellas do. The waterproof coating makes it dry quickly and you could just put it back into bag within a short time after use.

The canopy will keep dry easily by shaking off the raindrops to ensure a longer life. While in the harsh sunny days, the highly intensive black vinyl coating fully blocks heat and harsh UV rays.


Height: 48 cm

Semi-arc: 42.5 cm

Parachute diameter: 85 cm

Umbrella with box weight: 180g

Folding size: 16 cm

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