Language Translator Device

  • $59.99

Travel with confidence with this amazing Language Translator Device!

The futuristic language translator device is finally here at your fingertips! Grab yourself a friendly companion and travel with more confidence without ever having a language barrier through this amazing language translator device!

This Language Translator Device can translate English into numerous languages including Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic! Translate English to Spanish! Translate English to Arabic! The best part of this language translator is that it is very small and sleek making it ideal for any traveler.

language translator device


  • Available in black and white color
  • 1200dpi optical resolution
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 10m wireless transmission distance
  • 2m voice recognition distance



    About the Language Translator Device

    Two-Way Real Time Intercom

    This product provides the solution to language obstacles especially when you’re traveling in a foreign country. You can use it to communicate with anyone using your own language and have it directly translated into another language in just two seconds!

    Voice and Text Translation

    This device uses the Intelligent Voice Recognition Technology. It translates the language into text and then to voice.

    Rechargeable Batteries

    There’s no need to buy batteries! This portable language translator device has a built-in rechargeable battery.

    Multiple Language Translation

    Unlike the old version, this trendy language translator device supports up to 28 languages. It can input and output different languages from different countries.

    Output Language: Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, French, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, English and more!

    Input Language: Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, French, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian and more!

    The Portable language translator device can recognize other languages which are not placed on its main language menu. Just press the “Other” option and input your chosen language, then press the “Other” option again for the output language.

    How to Use the Language Translator Device

    1. Scan the portable language translator device’s QR Code and download its app called iTranslate on GooglePlay or iOS.
    2. Turn on the device and connect it via Bluetooth. Then connect your phone with Wi-Fi for the APP to function. Set the APP according to the instruction.
    3. Open the APP and it will scan and find the “iTranslate” device. Then use the menu to find the different languages offered by the product.
    4. Choose the language from the option and press “A” to start recording. Observe 2m distance from the device to allow it to capture your voice.
    5. Release the button after the speech and check the translation on the APP.


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