Knee Brace

  • $69.99

Say good bye to joint problems with the Hinged Knee Brace!

This hinged knee brace will definitely bring back the lightness to your steps and improve your overall knee performance. This knee brace is specifically designed to let you perform everyday tasks more easily and conveniently without feeling any tightness, swelling, or pain in your knees.

The hinged knee brace doesn’t just relieve joint problems, but also lightens the pressure on your knees to be able to perform everyday activities such as walking, running, jumping, and hiking.  

This hinged knee brace can be bought either as a single piece or as a pair (2 piece).

hinged knee brace

knee brace

knee support

hinged knee brace


Non-Skid Features

This hinged knee brace can fit firmly and precisely around your knees making it perfect for weight bearing activities such as climbing, lifting, and much more.

Knee Energizer

It helps alleviate fatigue on your knees helping to improve knee endurance during activities that involve jumping and squatting.

Impact Protection

The hinged knee brace will protect your knee against impact and provide padding when kneeling.

Hand Screw

It is very easy to use. Simply use a hand screw to assemble the knee brace.

knee brace


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