Heated Scarf

  • $37.99

Wrap yourself up in the adjustable electric Heated Scarf! The USB rechargeable heated scarf is soft and cozy allowing you to be outdoors without worrying about the cold!

heated scarf


-Made of durable fleece and easily washable

-Light and can be conveniently carried

-Press the switch for 3 seconds and select from 3 different temperature modes

-Will keep you warm in the cold

-Helps to reduce muscle fatigue and stiffness around the neck and shoulders

-Can be wrapped around your body as a quilt, shawl or wrapping skirt and it will warm your body.

-Ideal for families, offices, outdoor walks, camping, etc.

-USB Rechargeable with 6000mAh battery capacity. Once fully charge, the maximum usage time is 6 hours. 



Material: Fleece
Size: 57 inches by 7 inches
Rated power: 6W
Rated voltage: 5V 1.1A
Weight: 158g

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