Guitar Tuner

  • $99.99

Tune all sorts of string instruments in seconds with the amazing and easy to use Guitar Tuner!

Works as an automatic electric guitar tuner, acoustic guitar tuner, violin tuner, cello tuner, steel guitar tuner, 7 and 12-string guitar tuner, ukulele tuner, mandolin tuner, and let's not forget a banjo tuner as well!

Get the same quality and accuracy in tuning in all environments with the vibration sensor feature. This smart guitar tuner will save you so much time and stress, you’ll never go back to manual tuning!

A must have for ALL string players. Save time and rock on!

guitar tuner
ukulele tuner


smart tuner

  • A- String number
  • B- Targeted pitch display
  • C- Pitch distance display
  • D- Low battery indicator
  • E- Semi-Automatic Tuning mode
    • Works very efficiently when string's replacement or tuning ranges are wide.
  • F- Guitar selection
  • G- Ukulele selection
  • H- Automatic Tuning mode
    • Works very efficiently when desired tuning ranges are narrow.
  • I- Chromatic selection
  • J- Custom Tuning mode
    • For alternative guitar tuning
  • K- Overload indicator
    • Indicates the possibility of over current damage due to the stiff head machines. The system automatically turns off after 1 second of Overload indicator for the protection of the device.

guitar tuner



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