Cat Paw Socks

  • $10.99

Why not 'paws' your hectic schedule, slip on these cozy cat paw socks and curl up on the sofa?

cat paw socks

Make a bold statement with these unisex cat paw socks whether you’re in denim or in pajamas! These super cute and fuzzy cat paw socks make an ideal gift for fans of felines. These adorable cozy cat feet socks will totally brighten up your day while channeling your inner feline character! You can wear these cat paw socks for all occasions whether you’re going to a party, school, sleepover or work.

cat paw socks
cat feet socks                   cat paw socks

These one size cat paw socks are made from elastic, breathable, and soft polyester with the finest craftsmanship  Made with vibrant and exciting colors, these cozy cat feet socks are sure to lift your spirits and make you Meow!

Grab a pair today!

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