Balance Board

  • $34.99

Create your moves with this trendy balance board!

Whoever created this balance board must have been creative to the max since they unlocked the secret to a perfect posture and coordination! Whether you’re into sports training or casually doing home exercises, this balance board is a perfect addition to your overall daily routine!

This simply fit balance board helps improve stability and balance. It strengthens your core to enhance posture and coordination. 

wobble board

wobble board



Innovative Design

Originally created for athletes and gym trainers, this balance board is a complete fitness studio on its own. It makes training fun and exciting. With its innovative design, it helps increase body balance.

Anti-skid Surface

It offers a strong grip allowing you to use it on any surface. It doesn’t slide nor slip, reassuring you of both safety and security. It’s compact and perfectly portable.  

Ultra Versatile

You can use this balance board for general fitness. It is perfect for anybody whether you are a professional gym trainer, soccer mom, or aspiring athlete.

Best for All Ages

Thanks to this balance board’s simple design, it is safe for use by kids and adults. You can include it in your daily workshop or exercise to boost your athletic performance or to simply enjoy on your free time!


    balance board



    • Maximum support of 330 lbs (150 kg) weight
    • 360 degrees rotation
    • 15 tilting degree balance board


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