Back Brace

  • $24.99

Got back pain? Slouched shoulders? Improve your posture while sitting and standing with this ultimate Back Brace!

Wearing a back brace is the simplest and cheapest way to improve your posture! It’s the best option for people with slumping shoulders and a slouched back. 

You can use the Posture Corrector in a variety of settings such as in home, office, gym, yoga, or room. This Back Brace is ideal for both men and women. An unhealthy posture can lead to a painful neck and headaches. 


  • Made from soft composite fabric and nylon tape
  • Breathable holes at the back
  • Heat dissipation function
  • Premium Velcro adjustable straps
  • Nylon belt

This product includes one piece of Posture Corrector with adjustable belt and shoulder band.


Relieves Muscle Pain

It supports your back and treats muscle pain caused by incorrect posture. Bad posture usually leads to headaches and muscle tightness.

Protects and Supports your Back

This Posture Corrector is ideal for people who suffer from back pains due to prolonged sitting and standing. You can also use it when doing Yoga or any fitness routine.

Easy to Adjust and Wear

The Posture Corrector comes in a Medium and Large size making it compatible with your body type. You can put it on and take it off by yourself. The adaptive belt fits perfectly around any body type while the adjustable shoulder band support shoulder movements.

Convenient and Breathable

Made from soft fabric, the Posture Corrector is very convenient and breathable. It has evenly spaced holes at the back that allow air to pass through. Wear to work and no one would notice!



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