Electric Rivet Gun Adapter

  • $40.99

Make life easier with the simple, effortless, and fast Alloy Steel Electric Rivet Gun Adapter!


Alloy Steel Electric Rivet Gun Adapter



  • Vertical grip, effortless, alloy steel forged gun head, strong and durable, quick rivet pulling.
  • The three-claw clamp with hardening and quenching treatment is more wear-resistant and durable, and the service life of the transfer joint is prolonged.
  • Not easy to slip back nails, fast speed and high efficiency, design of three-claw nail anastomosis for 360 degree scratch nail, riveting smooth without burrs, three-piece structure is not easy to stuck.
  • Conversion joint hexagonal screw connected to electric drill, fast turning electric riveting gun, easy installation.
  • The fuselage changes from thin to thick shape, which has little air resistance and is not bulky and effortless to use.
How to use the Alloy Steel Electric Rivet Gun Adapter

How to Use:

  • Step 1: Insert the electric drill into the conversion chuck, the gear should not be too high. 
  • Step 2: Rotate the electric drill clockwise and clamp the chuck to the locking chuck. At this time, the electric drill rotates the rivet gun counter-clockwise and emits "dripping" sound into the rivet. 
  • Step 3: Put the electric drill into rivet needle in time for the right hole position. 
  • Step 4: Remove the electric drill counterclockwise from the rivet. 


- Color: Black 
- Material: Alloy Steel 
- Gun Adapter Length: 150mm 
- Hex Shank Diameter: 6.35mm(1/4in) 
- Wrench Length: 150mm 
- Grip Length: 122mm 
- Usage: Draw 2.4 / 3.2 / 4.0 / 4.8mm core-pulling rivets 
- Package Weight: 460.0 G / 16.23 Ounces 
- Package Dimensions: 6.30 inches by 2.36 by 1.97 Inches

Package Include:

1 x Riveting Gun Adapter 
1 x Handle 
1 x Wrench 
4 x Rivet Head 
1 x Manual Instructions

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