Acupressure Mat

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Relieve muscle pains and strengthen your body with this trendy Acupressure Mat!

If you love Yoga, then you definitely need the Acupressure Mat! This is a stimulation pad with short plastic spikes that presses on your back when you lie on it. It is widely known as an alternative medicine option to ease body pains and relieve other strains. The Acupressure mat can also be used as a yoga mat! It also includes an acupressure pillow and storage bag!

Using the Acupressure Mat, you will feel a sense of relaxation and bliss. In just 20 minutes, you will notice a difference in your body.  You can use the acupressure mat on the floor, sofa, or even on your bed. In fact, you can stand on it if you have achy feet.


  • Lay the acupressure mat on the floor, bed, or sofa. You can use it to simply relax or together with your daily Yoga routine.
  • Lie on the mat for 20 to 30 minutes and feel the needles on your body. The acupressure mat will feel comfortable to lie on so just take your time to find the perfect position. If you have a sensitive skin condition, please use the mat with caution or contact your doctor first before using it.
  • There are three positions that you can follow to maximize its benefits. If you want to energize your entire body, you can stand on it with bare feet. The needles will gently press on your feet and create gentle stimulation. If you want to relive back pains, you can lie on your back. Finally, if you want to exercise your jaw, you can use it as a pillow. Fold the acupressure mat and use it as a pillow while avoiding contact with your eyes.

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    acupressure mat

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      Very Portable

      The acupressure mat is suitable for home and outdoor use. It is very lightweight and can be taken anywhere you go!

      Best Alternative Medicine for Pain Relief

      This trendy acupressure mat also works as a yoga mat encompassing the ancient art of acupuncture. With hundreds of plastic spikes placed across the mat, it presses on your back perfectly. It helps relieve upper and lower back pain, including foot aches.

      Provides Maximum Benefit

      The Acupressure Mat will make you happy as it brings relief to your muscle pain. Cut the need for pain medication and try this yoga mat and you will experience its maximum benefit!


      The Acupressure Mat includes:

      • Mat
      • Pillow
      • Storage bag


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