4D Neck Massager

  • $72.99

Tired of experiencing neck pain due to long hours at work or tiringcommute? Well look no further as the 4D Neck Massager has arrived to relax and soothe your muscles! The 4D Neck Massager is an effective neck massager that relieves pain in the neck and shoulders.

neck massager


  • Soothes tired muscles and relieves aches 

  • 360° Floating Design: Fits the cervical spine seamlessly, providing a thorough and efficient massage.




  • 4D Shape: 4 massage heads arranged precisely to cover multiple segments of the cervical spine. C-shape adjustable massage tool enables more personal use.
  • Upgraded Technology: Built-in magnetic stones care for health, TENS pulse gets deeply into the muscle for full massaging.
  • Hot compress function of 38-42℃ ensures deep and comprehensive massage.
  • Choose from 6 Massage Modes: Auto mode, pulse manipulation, hot compress manipulation, acupressure manipulation, knead manipulation, beating manipulation
  • Users Friendly Design: Includes wireless remote control for easy operation, large-capacity battery supporting 2-hours of continuous use.
  • Lightweight and small, so it is space-saving and easy to be carried along, you can use it at home, office, and during travel.
neck massager




    Package includes:

    • 4D Neck Massager
    • USB Cable
    • Remote Control


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