Yoga Fitness Balance Board

  • $42.99

Get your balance on with this trendy Balance Board!

Have you ever wondered how celebrities achieve a perfect body? It’s time to unveil their secret with this trendy 2-in-1 Balance Board - Yoga Board. Practicing Yoga on a balance board may seem like a challenge but it is definitely an extraordinary way to get fit and achieve a good balance!

Built with premium materials, this balance board helps you cultivate focus and mindfulness, as well as develop full body strength. You can use it as a balance board to for balance training. Or you can use it in combination with your Yoga routine and unlock further benefits such as increased strength, balance, stability, and mental focus.


  • Multiple color options available (blue, green, orange, red)

balance board

Complete Body Workout

This unique Balance Board does not just improve your balance training but also promotes a complete body workout improving flexibility and blood circulation. By doing Yoga and balance board exercises at once, you can achieve a full body benefit.

Strong and Durable Material

Made from ABS, this balance board is very durable. It responds to heat and doesn’t break no matter how simple it looks.

Very Portable

You can carry this Balance Board anywhere. Whether you are going to exercise at the gym or your local park, this portable balance board won’t cause you any hassle.

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