Nursing Pads

  • $9.99

Say goodbye to the days of embarrassing drips and hello to the most soft Nursing Pads on the market!

These nursing pads are essential for all new breastfeeding mothers! The breast pads are made of ultra-soft cotton and are 100% reusable with natural anti-bacterial properties. The nursing pads are highly absorbent and breathable providing a comfortable and lasting fit. The breastfeeding pads are ultra-thin enough to fit your bra without protruding and made of soft fabric that are gentle on the breasts Most of all, they are reusable, durable, and washable which will also help save the planet and save money for diapers!  

nursing pads
breast pads
breastfeeding pads
Diameter: 3.93 inches
1 Pack includes 12 pads

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